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## Description of the competition
Write an agent capable of playing the cooperative partially observable
card game Hanabi.
card game Hanabi. Agents are written in Java and submitted via our
online submission system.
In Hanabi, agents cannot see their own cards but can see the other agent's
cards. On their turn, agents can either choose to play a card
from their hard, discard a card from their hand or spend an information token
to tell another player about a feature (rank or suit) of the cards they
have. The players must try to play cards for each suit in rank order.
If the group makes 3 errors when executing play actions the game is over.
Agents will be paired with either copies of their own agent or a set
of unknown agents. The winner is the agent that achieves the highest
score over a set of unknown deck orderings.
## Tracks
### Mixed Track
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