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......@@ -35,6 +35,27 @@ month={June},}
<h2>Entrant's Papers</h2>
<h3>Evolving Agents for the Hanabi 2018 CIG Competition</h3>
<ul class="list-inline">
<li class="list-inline-item"> <a href="">PDF</a> </li>
<li class="list-inline-item"> <a href="#bibtex-canaan">BibTeX</a> </li>
<pre class="collapse" id="bibtex-canaan">
title={Evolving Agents for the Hanabi 2018 CIG Competition},
author={Canaan, Rodrigo and Shen, Haotian and Torrado, Ruben and Togelius, Julian and Nealen, Andy and Menzel, Stefan},
booktitle={2018 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG)},
<p class="text-muted">If you have written a paper using the framework, contact me and I'll add it to the list</p>
{% endblock %}
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