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<h1>Submission Help</h1>
<h2>Common Build Problems</h2>
<h3>Build Successes but no score is obtained</h3>
<p>This is usually due to the agent failing to load or crashing during gameplay.</p>
<li>Your agent name should match your class name, (eg, if the agent is called HanabiPiers then the class should be called HanabiPiers)</li>
<li>Your agent should have a public no-arg constructor, public HanabiPiers() {} <ul><li>It's fine to not have a constructor - Java will create one for you</li></ul></li>
<h3>Status is Build Failed</h3>
<p>Build Failed indicates that the server could not compile your submission - try to build and run your agent locally using App.</p>
<p>Don't use libraries which use native components - (eg, dll files or .so files), these will probably not work</p>
<p>Click on the build failed for details</p>
<h3>Status says as build pending</h3>
<p>The compiler runs every 15 mins, (eg, 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45) - you will need to wait this long before compliation is attempted</p>
<p>The server could be having problems, Email Joseph ( with your username if the build has not completed after half an hour.</p>
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