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......@@ -45,4 +45,15 @@ The game engine has been designed to make it possible to run on YARCC. In src/ma
3. cat all of your ```*.o*``` files together to form your csv file
4. copy results.csv to somewhere to analyise it.
## framework parameters
### Enviroment Variables
The runner recognises the following enviroment variables:
* ```FIREWORKS_AGENTS``` - a comma seperated list of agents to evaluate (see SetupUtils for default)
* ```FIREWORKS_AGENTS_PAIRED``` - a comma seperated list of agents to evaluate against (see SetupUtils for default)
* ```FIREWORKS_NUM_SEEDS``` - the number of seeds to generate when generating argument files (default is 10)
* ```FIREWORKS_REPEAT_COUNT``` - the number of times to repeat a given seed (useful for non deterministic agents) (default is 2)
* ```FIREWORKS_META_SEED``` - the seed used for the RNG which generates seeds for games (default is to use java default)
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